Paper Preparation

Paper Submission deadline extended to June 29, 2018.

Equivalent Times for Paper Submission Deadline
Melbourne 22:00 June 30
Tokyo 21:00 June 30
Beijing 20:00 June 30
Kolkata 17:30 June 30
Moscow 15:00 June 30
Riyadh 15:00 June 30
Cairo 14:00 June 30
Stockholm 14:00 June 30
London 13:00 June 30
New York 08:00 June 30
Dallas 07:00 June 30
Los Angeles05:00 June 30
International Date Line24:00 June 29
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Countdown To Exact Deadline

If this is your first time to submit a paper to GlobalSIP 2018, please read the entire paper kit carefully to verify that your paper document is formatted correctly and that you have all the information you need before starting your paper submission. The paper kit contains detailed instructions on formatting your document and completing the submission process, as well as a description of how the review process works and how to prepare for your presentation at the conference if your paper is accepted.

If you are a returning author, you should review the paper kit, and note that the paper kit contains expanded information about the review process and preparing for a presentation at GlobalSIP 2018.

GlobalSIP 2018 requires that each accepted paper be presented by one of the authors in-person at the conference site according to the schedule published. Any paper accepted into the technical program, but not presented on-site will be withdrawn from the official proceedings archived on IEEE Xplore.

It is encouraged to include discussions on how your contributions are related to prior work in the field. It is important to put new work in context, to give credit to foundational work, and to provide details associated with the previous work that has appeared in the literature. It is not required that the discussion of relation to prior work be in a separate section, but the discussion must appear in the paper. An optional 5th page may be included, but that page may contain only references.

Online Paper Submission

DO NOT submit Signal Professing Journals papers here! Instead, follow the instructions found on the SP Letters page.

See the Frequently Asked Questions section in the paper kit.

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